by Up in the Air

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Up in the Air's amazing first album has remained fresh, lively, and unique after all the years that have passed. The music is organic and spontaneous as ever with an upbeat, positive energy permeating every cut.
The album is the end result of the first 2 Up in the Air recording sessions which took place at Sutton Sound Studio in Atascadero, CA on August 30, 1987, and on February 11, 1989. The original sessions were engineered and recorded by Rick Sutton and most all of the takes were done live. A handful of overdubs occurred at Rick's studio on tracks 1 and 6.
Years later, the pieces were edited, and tracks were overdubbed at Tin Can Studio's in Santa Margarita, oversaw by John Beccia.
The cover was drawn and given to us by Barry (last name not known) as a gift for us playing at an Artist Co-op grand opening in the mid-80's. It has served as out logo ever since.
Steve Card nicknamed us the "groovemeisters" because of the jam style music that we played, and thus the album's title was born.


released March 1, 1989

Session musicians in Aug.,1987 (tracks 1, 5, 6, & 9 )were.......
John Beccia - nylon guitar, keys, vocals
Mike "Doc" Lorenzo - bass
Victor Rocha- congas and hand percussion
Steve Card - lead guitar, flute, soprano sax, and hand percussion

Session musicians in Feb.,1989 ( tracks 2, 3, 4, 7, & 8) were.......
John Beccia- nylon guitar, keys, vocals
Mike "Doc" Lorenzo - bass, lead vocal on track 8
Victor Rocha- congas and hand percussion, lead vocal on track 4
Larry Hoffman - flute and sax

Later overdubs by.....
John Beccia- keys, and hand percussion
Ryan McLain - drums on tracks 1 and 9
Bobbie Smith - lead vocal-track 7, background vox on tracks 2,3,4, & 8


all rights reserved



Up in the Air Santa Margarita, California

Up in the Air blends elements of structure and improvisation into musical styles as varied as folk, pop, dixieland, bluegrass, latin, and worldbeat. The result is a fresh and ultimately dancable musical experience with a conspicuously multi-cultural sound. Their original songs center on themes of social equity and justice, environmental consciousness, love, and respect for others. ... more

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Track Name: Back to You
Back To You
written by John Beccia

I see a meaning in this madness
When I am looking in your eyes
A shining smile against the sadness
A tiny truth among the lies

The whole world wonders where it's going
I know right where I wanna be
Warm in the arms of one still growing
Whose love has opened up to me

Chorus- Everything I do
Takes me back you
Takes me back to you tonight
Everywhere I go
I will always know
Goin' back to you tonight

The earth is looking for a future
The only art is to survive
And living's surely worth the dying
As love is worth the sad goodbye

Repeat Chorus

But love is here and now and growin'
It's changing each and every day
There's so much wonder in not knowin'
What each new moment brings your way

Repeat chorus
Track Name: Cocoon
written by John Beccia

I can see everything here from the top of this mountain
Wind's blowin' thru the years, all of the tears miles away
Still I'll keep going on, when all but my mind is gone
Death will come suddenly when you've lost the will to be
This body is just a cacoon that we leave to be free

I can see everything here from the depths of this valley
Thoughts bringing back the years, all of the cares gone away
Spirits of old survive, memories still alive
Days melting into days, life swiftly fades away
This body is just a cacoon that will soon break away

I can see everything here in the dark of the forest
All of the branches bare, everything's clear on this day
Death does a magic dance, catches you in a trance
I look around to see all that's surrounding me
This body is just a cacoon that will set my soul free
Track Name: All I Really Need
All I Really Need
written by John Beccia

There's a breathin' in the air
Every moment that you're here
And your sky blue eyes are deep and clear
CHORUS-All I really need is you
All I really need is you
All I ever really want to do
All I really need is
All I really need is
All I really need is you

Every lonely place I've been
Every state of mind I'm in
All I ever want is hold you near
Repeat chorus

See the birds that fly on by
With the changing of the sky
Oh so many things I've had are gone
Repeat chorus
Track Name: Fields
written by John Beccia

Deep in Central Mexico, the figure of a man
At the ending of a planted field
Standing there subservantly, a flag held in his hand
A worker of the land, a life so real

CHORUS-The fields before him stretching
Far, as far as eye can see
Who knows what sickness he'll be catching
Then wonders how it came to be

In the distance low clouds rise, the heat is beating down
You can hear the hum though far away
Now the plane comes into veiw and flies close to the ground
A white mist trailing down, a steady spray
Repeat chorus

No protective clothes are worn, there's burning in his eyes
Herbicidal sweat upon his brow
Though his flag is badly torn, he waves it toward the skies
His vision blurry-eyed, his throat is sore
Repeat Chorus

Back at home he can't sit still, he walks across the floor
Stares down at the baby in the straw
Once again, he feels the chill, again he asks the Lord
"Why is the child deformed? The night is still.
Repeat Chorus

And wonders how it came to be..........
Track Name: Killer
written by John Beccia

A pistol shot rings, another man falls
Death does it’s dance and the black curtain calls
You’re into the streets, you run ‘round the bend
What gives you the right to bring life to an end
CHORUS Tell me who’s dyin’,
Who’s dyin’,
Who’s dyin’, who’s dyin’ now?

A crazy-eyed stare, with gun in your hand
You stand at the head of another dead man
And what makes you tick, and why do you klll?
A moment of madness, a moment of thrill?

There’s no where to run, there’s no place to hide
You’ll never be free ‘cause your prison’s inside
Who cares about laws, or anything else
Your feelings are dead, you’re already in hell
Track Name: Sharing Our Lives (1987)
Sharing Our Lives
by John Beccia

Love's a beautiful feeling
Your life comes alive, the days fly, and your head gets to reeling
It opens your heart to the secrets the world is revealing
Head over heels, you just fall with the magic of love
The magic of love

CHORUS-You.................., you warm the coldest night
You bring the morning's light
Make everything so right
You know it's so right
Sharing our lives

Time brings changes and growing
The summer soft breeze turns to winter's cold wind and keeps blowing
You never believe where it leaves you, or where you'll be going
I know a way through the everyday mystery of life
This mystery of life
Sharing our lives
Sharing our lives
Track Name: Para Amor Y Paz
Para Amor y Paz
by John Beccia

There's so many words that are spoken
Meanings just get lost
There's so many promises broken
As we pay the cost

CHORUS - Para amor y paz....Para amor y paz
We must learn to live life together
Para amor y paz
Para amor y paz....Para amor y paz
We must learn to live for each other
Para amor y paz

There's so many motions we go thru
Searching for what's true
Looking for somebody to know you
Someone just like you

Easy for your life to get tangled
Like a twisted vine
Just like leaves on trees, we all dangle
Living on the line

I can see a meaning in living
Deep within your eyes
You can know the feeling of giving
Answerin' lonely cries
Track Name: Only Way to Fly
Only Way to Fly
by Mike Lorenzo

The time was when just you and I
Would be so close and sigh
To feel your warmth and see your eyes
The time was when we'd fly

A feeling it came, a feeling strong
That touched me deep inside
This love of life, you can't deny
You really did make me fly

Everywhere there's people and they're groping
They strangle, they struggle, and they bleed
They're looking for a meaning, and seeking out the key
But it's simple, just live and let it be

So listen close, you know you know it's easy
You look you hear and you feel
Cause your eyes and your ears and all that you touch
Will someday just disappear

So live now, love hard and be happy
The past is never ever here
Don't you ever be afraid to try one more time
It's the only way, the only way to fly

So live now, love hard and be happy
The past is never ever here
Don't you ever be afraid to try one more time
It's the only way, the only way to fly
Track Name: Sweet Reverie
Sweet Reverie
by John Beccia

Walkin' into the heart of the land
Will I ever be touchin' love's hand ?
Well I'll just have to wait and see
Lettin' it be such sweet reverie

Sinkin' into the depths of the dream
Will ever know what love can mean ?
Well I'll just have to wait and see
Lettin' it be such sweet reverie

Wakin' up in the dead of the night
Will I ever again feel quite right ?
Well I'll just have to wait and see
Lettin' it be such sweet reverie

Reachin' out for the edge of the skies
Listenin' for the earth's tender replies
Well I'll just have to wait and see
Lettin' it be such sweet reverie

Pourin' out all these feelings inside
Will I ever relive what has died?
Well I'll just have to wait and see
Lettin' it be such sweet reverie

Heading out for the wide open space
Will a new love reveal a new place?
Well I'll just have to wait and see
Lettin' it be such sweet reverie

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