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Still Out There

by Up in the Air

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Let’s Throw the Time Away by John Beccia When I get tired, of this old truck....I’m gonna drive to your cabin door And crawl in thru the window....and stretch out on the floor I’ll tip that jug, right on up......and I will let the spirits flow And hope that you come back here soon......to see where tomorrow goes CHORUS - Let’s throw the time away....Let’s throw the time away And we can stay all day....just like a child at play Let’s throw the time away Let’s throw the time away....Let’s throw the time away And we can stay all day.....and it’ll be okay Let’s throw the time away Out on the road, I’ve got to know........... when the gas is getting low And when I’ve got the need to stop....I know where I can go To see my sweet old backstreet gal....will always do me good And if she needs, to start a fire..... I know I will chop the wood REPEAT CHORUS (oo- oo.....oo- oo.....oo-oo.....oo- oo.....) The road goes far from where we are.......to many points of veiw And I believe, the path that weaves, ....will always lead to you And so I run back to your arms, and know you will catch me And if I die, right where I lie, then I die happily REPEAT CHORUS -repeated
Already Been There By John Beccia Times when you think you are confused, you wonder where it all is going No matter how much time you lose, you know you always will be growing Already lost all your pride Your conscience will be your guide You’ve got to look deep inside, deep inside of yourself............... Already been there CHORUS - Already been there..............Already been there Already been there............Already been there......... Already been there............ Already been there Too many memories around can block the things you could be seeing So many treasures to be found, so many reasons fo believe in Is it for us to decide Or just along for the ride Your conscience will be your guide Sometimes you must step aside, step aside from yourself....... Already been there REPEAT CHORUS except last line-just hold the B7 INSTRUMENTAL BREAK REPEAT CHORUS Today will quickly come and go, tomorrow always brings surprises No way to settle in the past, just changing as the need arises You need someone to confide These feelings you cannot hide You can’t bring back what has died, what has died in yourself REPEAT CHORUS over and over ---- Already been there
Your Love Tonight written by John Beccia Thinking back toward the time Not so far behind us Holding you gentlly next to me Romeo held the key Lovers, eternally Never were meant to be CHORUS Staring thru space at the skies above All of the things I am dreaming of Baby, I’m thinkin’ about your love tonight Miles ahead, miles behind Distance grows between us Can’t turn back the moving hands of time Juliet’s dreams unfold Stories so often told Darkness with moon so gold Repeat Chorus twice
In the Night 04:22
In the Night! written by John Beccia In the night! Oh darkness, what can you show? The way we never will know what comes next What will tomorrow's day bring It leaves you feeling perplexed and won't reveal anything But it's alright, everyone knows, it alright In the night! Some ways it feels like a dream The older age may not be what we want But always is what will be And how the innocent child shows how brand new life can be And it's alright, everyone knows, it alright Everyone knows it's alright, (REPEAT 3X) instrumental break In the night! Although I just have to laugh My conscience tears me in half over love Or if I'd rather be free And can you ever have both here in complete harmony? But it's alright, everyone knows That it's alright, everything Knows That it's alright, everything Knows it's alright Everyone knows it's alright, (REPEAT 3X) instrumental break repeated and fade
Puerto Rico 04:57
Puerto Rico written by John Beccia Puerto Rico......an island in our country Puerto Rico..... not even is a state Puerto Rico....because you’ve got no money Puerto Rico.............I guess he thinks you’re fake Puerto Rico.....the storm it leaves you battered Puerto Rico.....destruction in it’s wake Puerto Rico......guess you don’t really matter Puerto Rico....I guess he thinks you’re fake CHORUS--Puerto Rico....Puerto Rico.....Puerto Rico I guess he thinks you’re fake Puerto Rico....tonto destruido (so much destroyed) Puerto Rico....you bend but will not break Puerto Rico...because you are latino Puerto Rico....I guess he thinks you’re fake REPEAT CHORUS Instrumental- same as verse Puerto Rico.....parte de nuestro mundo (part of this world) Puerto Rico.......when will our country wake Puerto Rico.....todos somos uno (we are all one) Puerto Rico.............. He really is the fake (repeated 8X)
Thing Called Love by John Beccia Friday night and dancing in the street All the summer styles are out there in the heat All those smiles, so many there to meet Searchin' for a thing called love Friday night and somethin's goin' on All the country folk have headed into town All those people everywhere around Searchin' for a thing called love REFRAIN - Conversations flowin' out so free Inhibitions lost and tossed so readily All the music, all the energy Searchin' for a thing called love Friday night and moon is on the rise Lookin' for it's light in someone elses eyes Will she lead me off into the skies Searchin' for a thing called love REPEAT REFRAIN REPEAT 1ST VERSE Called love Called love Called love
CHAMBERS OF FREEDOM by John Beccia Lover girl's out there pretending She's found a new forever love But when it's all thru, she'll turn to the chambers of freedom Lover boy wonders what happens What causes these things to go wrong He never will know, just go to the chambers of freedom The whole world is lost in confusion Nobody knows where it will end We just carry on, although there's no use to pretend The young girl don't know where she's going She holds her thumb out toward the road She really don't care, she shares in the chambers of freedom The young boy is looking ahead now And realizes nothin' is there He'll have to be gone, on to the chambers of freedom Oo-oo-oo-oo, Oo-oo-oo-oo, It cannot be taught We're caught in the chambers of freedom (instrumental)-REPEAT INTRO twice Billy Budd's out on the corner Tossing a coin in the air The answer is tails, he sails for the chambers of freedom Lolita takes off and keeps running In hopes that she will never return We all pay the cost, so lost in the chambers of freedom.... chambers of freedom-(3 times) -
Little Love 05:18
Little Love (For Lisa) by John Beccia Little baby crawling on the ground Reaching out in front of you Life is your discovery, it's so new Chorus.... Just a little love Just a little love Just a little love will see you through Tiny hands that feel and touch the world Open eyes so wide to view You are always changing, it's so true Repeat Chorus Refrain - There's no words to make me understand Still I wonder why you cry There's a time for sorrow, take my hand Till the time comes when you say goodbye Instrumental Now I'll hold you gently in my arms Time is like the morning's dew Yet your smile it warms me, thru and thru Just a little love Just a little love Just a little love inside of you (Just a little love) - repeated & fade
My Little Children by John Beccia My little children, I know you're wondering why My little children, your world's about to die There's so much we must do to save it, there's just no time to cry My little children, although it's coming undone My little children, just watch the rising sun Still there's a ray of hope that's shining, it shines on everyone REFRAIN But it's a long, a long hard climb To reach a new age, a new stage in time And little children, nothin's ever for sure For every illness we need a cure Still there's a ray of hope that's shining Down on the future that's yours My little children, we're just a small space in time My little children, still there's so much on the line A world that's fighting for its future, to lose it would be a crime My little children, there's so much sorrow and pain My little children, don't even try to explain Still there's a ray of hope that's shining, on every brand new day Repeat refrain Instrumental My little children, the world is living in fear My little children, the end seems so very near It got so many people's questions,they're wonderin' which way to turn My little children, a brand new sun's in the skies My little children, there are no easy replies Still there's a ray of hope that's shinin, it's shining down from your eyes Still there's a ray of hope that's shinin, it's shining down from your eyes Still there's a ray of hope that's shinin, it's shining down from your eyes
Sheridan's Lament by Phil Gross & Bill Hermann The night lights are glowing, I believe I'll be going One more and I'll wander on home Well I work and get paid, sometimes I drink it away And sometime I feel alone Full grown and loving, she had eyes like the morning She made me feel special each day She gave it her best, can't blame her I guess Don't matter she's gone anyway It's a hard road when the nights get this long Too tired to gamble nothing left to bet on You hope maybe she'll come back home But you know, that's not how it goes The ladies are leaving, you won't find me grieving They smile as they close out the night Push myself from the bar, I climb into my car And drive toward that morning light
Oh Ay Oh 04:06
Oh Cy Oh All of the world is so full of pollution I don't see anywhere that we can go The whole world is full of loves' dissolution Nothin' more can be done, say it's not so CHORUS Oh ay oh (oh ay oh) Raise up your voices and shout out what's wrong Oh ay oh (oh ay oh) If we must cry, we'll cry singin' a song Plutonium creators, the scientist soldier Hasn't man done everything and much more We've printed our feet on the surface of moonstone But it's all forgotten in nuclear war REPEAT CHORUS(first 3 lines) If we must die, we'll die singin' a song Let's kill war with peace, let's fight for tomorrow Let's live on mountaintops being so free Let's make a circle that cannot be broken Singin' our hearts out to change destiny REPEAT CHORUS(first 3 lines) If we must fight, we'll fight singin' a song REPEAT CHORUS(first 3 lines) If we must fight, we'll fight singin' a song If we must die, we'll die singin' a song If we must cry, we'll cry singin' a song
Winter's Cold by John Beccia Her dress was black, the moon was white My thoughts were shades of grey I followed her into the night and searched for what to say Her touch was warm, the night was cold And I was caught between And somehow I could not let go, so lost in where I'd been CHORUS - Losing love can leave you empty Winter's cold creeps in The trees are bare, but seasons change And love will bloom again We reached a spot to sit and talk Beneath a naked tree The shadows of the branches reached for something we can't see We talked of time, we talked of place So many other things How life is such a mystery, and who knows what it brings REPEAT CHORUS instrumental If you've loved, you know the way That love can make you feel And everyone's had scars before that only time can heal Our past loves surface now and then Beneath the heart's locked door She took my hand as silence fell, since words could say no more REPEAT CHORUS



This is Up in the Air's 14th project and is simultaneously a look toward where we are going and a look back to where we've been. It reflects some recent changes that the band has gone through, losing David, our longtime flute and guitarist for a couple of years while he recovered from an auto accident (he is now back playing again), then losing our longtime trombone, piccolo and flute player, Tom, for health reasons, and finally losing Rich, our longtime drummer for work reasons, (Rich is on most of these tracks, and hopefully will be sitting in with us on occasion.)
On the bright side, we added a new guitarist, Jeff, a new drummer, Mike, and a new " sit in" multi-instrumentalist, Scott, all who have added a whole new dimension to the band.

Well, we had been working on recording some of our newer stuff like Throw the Time Away, Already Been There, and Puerto Rico, when I decided I'd like to go back and record some of the earlier songs I had written but never brought to the band before..... Your Love Tonight and In the Night.
That's about the time I learned that one of my original bandmates had been diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma. He is such a wonderful friend, it made me think back on all the times we played together , and the many songs that we played during that time..... Chambers of Freedom, Oh Ay Oh, and the very first song Up in the Air ever played, Little Love.(which I had written for my first niece when she was born)

Well one thing lead to another and I was digging in the recording archives and found an old stereo recording of Thing Called Love played with a number of former band members. We cleaned it up as best we could to use on this project, and then added a track or two.
Next we took a very old cassette recording of a song written and sung by our bass player, Phil, and added a bunch of new tracks to make it a finished project. Thank you, Scott.
Lastly, I had my original bass player , Doc. come in and record the final track of a song we did in the very early days. I then topped it off by adding a beautiful violin track by Tyson another member of the early band.

I guess after we've been though, Up in the Air is alive and "Still Out There". Come see us sometime!


released March 19, 2020

This album is dedicated to my former band members Tom Bruner, Rich Daulton, and especially to Michael Miller and Peggy Vrana, who inspired the looking back part of the project.
All recordings except for Sheridan's lament were recorded, mixed, and produced by John with advice and help from Phil, and Tyson. The final mastering was done by Tyson.


all rights reserved



Up in the Air Santa Margarita, California

Up in the Air blends elements of structure and improvisation into musical styles as varied as folk, pop, dixieland, bluegrass, latin, and worldbeat. The result is a fresh and ultimately dancable musical experience with a conspicuously multi-cultural sound. Their original songs center on themes of social equity and justice, environmental consciousness, love, and respect for others. ... more

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