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When the Well Runs Dry

from Big Storm by Up in the Air



In Central California, where I live, the largest underwater basin is in serious overdraft and many local landowners wells are going dry. Right now, California basically gives water right to whoever can drill the deepest. The beginning of the "water wars" predicted in the book Cadillac desert are underway right here, right now. Emy does a wonderful job delivering the message, and Phil and Rich are rock solid in laying the rhythmic foundation.


When the Well Runs Dry?
by John Beccia

INTRO-E7 -E7-F-F#-G-G# (A7----- D7--Fmaj7--A7----- C---D7-Fmaj7-A7-----C---D7-Fmaj7-A7-----)

Will you deceive us with those same old lies?
Then try to feed us with the same old stale replies
Fmaj7 A7----------
Can we be so unwise ?
C D7 Fmaj7 A7
Does history just repeat?....What does it matter when the well runs dry?
C D7 Fmaj7 A7
Here in the rising heat.....What does it matter when the well runs dry?

You don’t get richer from the things you buy
You tell us growth and progress never have to die
Fmaj7 A7----------
Why do our children cry?
C D7 Fmaj7 A7
Is it this world we leave them?.....Does it matter when the well runs dry?
C D7 Fmaj7 A7
Whose words will we believe in? Does it matter when the well runs dry?

break (D----------A7---------D----------E7 -E7-F-F#-G-G#)
(A7----- D7--Fmaj7--A7----- C---D7-Fmaj7-A7---C---D7-Fmaj7-A7-----)

Temperature’s climbing and the ocean’s rise
There’s floods and hurricanes, and fire in the skies
Fmaj7 A7----------
No need to act suprised
C D7 Fmaj7 A7
Can it be climate change?..What does it matter when the well runs dry?
C D7 Fmaj7 A7
Prophetic or just strange?...What does it matter when the well runs dry?
C(pause) D7 Fmaj7 No homes out on the range....What does it matter when the well
..................runs dry?

E7 -E7-F-F#-G-G#-A-Bb-B-C-C#-D-Eb-E7-A7--------------------


from Big Storm, released July 21, 2016
Emy Bruzzo- vocals
John Beccia- keys
Phil Gross-bass
Rich Daulton-drums
Victor Rocha- bell, tambourine, congas
Tom Bruner- tormbone
David Singer - electric guitar
Geof Land -trumpet


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Up in the Air Santa Margarita, California

Up in the Air blends elements of structure and improvisation into musical styles as varied as folk, pop, dixieland, bluegrass, latin, and worldbeat. The result is a fresh and ultimately dancable musical experience with a conspicuously multi-cultural sound. Their original songs center on themes of social equity and justice, environmental consciousness, love, and respect for others. ... more

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