in quarantine

by Up in the Air

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evermore 04:50
nobody there 04:02
so dear 05:36
lovin you 02:58
shutdown 05:04
Shutdown Shutdown… we go again Around….when will it ever end I’ve found you never know what life’s about We’re bound to a star that’s burnin’ out Shutdown…. guess we’re not so smart Broke down….with a broken heart We’re found…..inside a world of hurt and doubt We’re bound to a star that’s burnin’ out Instrumental break Shutdown…..will we ever learn Around……. every twist and turn No sound ……...just our tears caught in a drought We’re bound to a star that’s burnin’ out Shutdown… to stay at home Around….. loneliness has grown I’ve found …….. that friends are hard to do without We’re bound to a star that’s burnin’ out Bridge and Instrumental Break Shutdown….by something we can’t see Locked down…..our own worst enemy The sound… angry voices blame and shout We’re bound to a star that’s burnin’ out Shutdown….are we so unwise Around…..spreading vicious lies We’re found in a truth that’s filled with doubt We’re bound to a star that’s burnin’ out We’re bound to a star that’s burnin’ out Burnin’ out…..Burnin’ out Burnin’ out


Up in the Air had just finished recording our 14th Cd, Still Out There and had 7 gigs lined up for spring when COVID hit and changed the whole world's plans. It is tough without live music but for those of us who are addicted to this art form, somehow we find a way to still create it. That's what this project is all about.
It started out as a solo work is slowly morphing into a group collaboration, and growing from there.
When I have a song, I first record it using Band in a Box software that creates an accompaniment, and then I add and replace tracks until I get it the way I like. Then I send it out via email to my bandmates and jamming friends for anyone who would like to replace or create a new tracks.
All of these songs now have real bass and drum parts done by Up in the Air's Phil and Mike. Up in the Air singer Suzy has sent me a few tracks, and jamming buddy John Nowell has done a few string tracks. One of Up in the Air's guitar players just bought some recording stuff and wants to get in on the action. That's the way we music addicts have to operate these days. As tracks change, i will be posting new versions and we'll see where it goes.


released January 29, 2021

John Beccia- vocals, keys, acoustic guitars, banjo, mandolin. melodica
Phil Gross - bass
Mike Milanesi - drums
Suzy Newman - vocal
John Nowell-violin
Kieran Beccia - harmony


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Up in the Air Santa Margarita, California

Up in the Air blends elements of structure and improvisation into musical styles as varied as folk, pop, dixieland, bluegrass, latin, and worldbeat. The result is a fresh and ultimately dancable musical experience with a conspicuously multi-cultural sound. Their original songs center on themes of social equity and justice, environmental consciousness, love, and respect for others. ... more

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